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Home Banking
Your security is our number one priority.

You will find a new feature when signing onto Home Banking. This feature will help confirm your identity when signing into our online banking service through a two factor authentication process. Simply pick an image, write a brief phrase and select three challenge questions. Your account number must be a 10 digit number. If you have difficulty contact one of our customer service representative for help.

With USSCO @ Home you can get the balance of any of your listed accounts (savings, checking, money market, certificates, loans, and many more) on a simple consolidated list. Your balance information is delivered with up-to-the-minute accuracy. Every account can display current transaction history at the touch of a finger, so you can keep your checkbook register up-to-date and your statement balanced.

Transfer Funds
Transfer funds among all of your accounts. You can move money from your savings to checking, make loan payments, purchase a Certificate of Deposit or add funds to a Super Saver Certificate. To make a Visa Credit Card payment; transfer funds to your S20 account (Visa sweep account). Funds from that account will be transfered to Visa at the end of each business day. Once set up, you can transfer between "family" accounts.

All this convenience... and it is Free! Contact any USSCO office to obtain your PIN and Password

For help regarding Homebanking please call us at 1-866-877-2628 to talk with a Member Service Rep. or email us at memserv@usscofcu.net

Convenience...in Bill Paying
  • No checks, no stamps, no envelopes
  • No waiting, no lines, no hassles

Now's there's a better way to pay your bills. Easier, more convenient. With our FREE Bill Paying service, you pay your bills over the internet. Anytime! Anywhere!

You create your personal payment list for credit cards, telephone, department stores, utilities, insurance, loans, and mortgage or rent payments. In fact, you can include almost any merchant or service provider you want on your personal list and have the flexibility to change your list as times goes on. If you do not find your merchant on the "master merchant file," enter the new information and we will add your merchant information to the master file.

To schedule a payment, choose your merchant from the master file, using the "on demand option" add your account information, choose from which account - savings (Limit of 3 per month) or checking (unlimited) - that you want the funds to be deducted from, set up a payment date, and a dollar amount. Using this option, your merchant information will remain on file and all you will need to do is choose a date and dollar amount the next month. You will have up till 7:00am on the day that your payments are scheduled (Monday thru Friday) to make any changes to that payment. Each payment is confirmed by you, and with your ok. We do the rest! At this time about 66% of payments are being sent electronically and more are being added. Electronic payments should reach your merchant within two business days. Please allow sufficient time (6 to 7 days) for paper check payments to reach your merchant.

You will find a new page to make it easier to schedule your payments. The page is called "Quick Pay". Once you have built your personal merchant file you will find all the "On Demand" merchants on this page. Click on the merchant that you wish to pay, enter a dollar amount and bring up the calendar to choose a date for payment. Be sure to hit the Submit button at the bottom of the page to schedule the payments. You can schedule multiple payments from this page. Monthly/Fixed payments DO NOT show up this page. You will still find them under the Summary Page.

You can find your payment history in your savings or checking account history and your will receive a printed history each month on your USSCO statement.

You can send unlimited payments per month for FREE.

If you have access to USSCO @ Home you have access to Bill Pay. You can immediately setup your Personal Bill Payment List with each merchant you want to pay online. It's simple and you only do it one-time. Select the merchant you want to pay, enter the amount and click OK.

For help regarding Bill Pay please call us at 1-866-877-2628 to talk with a Member Service Rep. or email us at memserv@usscofcu.net

Click here for the Home Banking Agreement

Your information is safeguarded using industry-tested encryption protocols.


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